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A photo of yellow and white stacked books with various synonyms for the word guidelines.

Process Post #12: TessDrives Community Guidelines

This process post was intended for Week 13, December 6, 2022. These community guidelines are designed to make this website an inclusive and welcoming platform. We welcome everyone especially those who are currently a Tesla owner, an electric vehicle owner, a prospective electric vehicle owner and even those who are just curious and passing by! …

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A photo of different types of media symbols in a yellow half circle.

Process Post #11: Transmedia Integration

This process post was intended for Week 12, November 29, 2022. Am I doing this transmedia integration stuff right? I do have two social media accounts as an extension of my current website. So I think I am on the right track? According to the blog, “Pokemon as Transmedia Storytelling” from (2013) with words …

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Screenshot of Stephanie Gorwill's website homepage that reads "Fashion & Lifestyle."

Peer Review #3: Stephanie Gorwill (swagfashionblog)

Link to website: Design What works well Upon landing on the homepage of the website, it was interesting to see that Stephanie chose Weebly to design her website instead of WordPress. I like this ambitious move as it shows that she is courageous enough to step away from the status quo and make her …

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Image of Elon Musk juggling white Twitter birds with a blue background.

Essay: Elon Musk’s Attempt to Democratize Twitter

Introduction This essay will focus on the notion that Twitter creates democratic spaces for dialogue. I will be presenting a neutral stance by providing examples of why Musk’s acquisition may help Twitter to become a more democratic platform and why his recent acquisition may actually contribute to autocracy. Then I will ultimately conclude by supporting …

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