Process Post #2: Installation and Set-up for Tess Drives

Initially the link to my website was “broken” as it would not let me go in and edit my website. After deliberating with my classmates in tutorial, I was able to get some help and figured out why my website was not working. It was because I did not buy the $15 domain activation on Once I bought the domain activation, the website was up and running. I wanted the overall layout of my website to be clean, modern and easy to navigate. I started off with the menu options as “Home, About, Public Posts, Pub 101 and Contact Us right front and centre in the middle of the home page. Under Public Posts, I wanted users to be able to specifically choose what type of content they were looking for such as YouTube videos, Tiktoks or regular blog posts, so I went ahead and created a drop-down menu under Public Posts. Similarly, under Pub 101 I created another drop down menu that has “Process Posts” and “Mini Assignments” so they can be easily found when I need to show them to my Pub 101 class. I then went ahead and linked the pages as categories so when I add a new post, I can easily decipher between what type of content I post to show up on which page. For example, if I make a YouTube video, I could tick the category “YouTube” and my content will publish on that specific page.

Some notable design elements that may seem like tiny tweaks almost took me thirty minutes! For example, the homepage I used a template that allowed me to add a picture in the background with overlaying text—that was the easy part. The harder part was the animations, individually adding animations for the photo, texts and action button. In addition, I needed to manipulate the action button and change the hover colour when you hover your mouse over the button. After some trial and error and a lot of aimless clicking, I was satisfied with the ned result. Another design element I am proud of is the logo I made that can be seen in the top left corner of my website. I chose this logo because the colour symbolizes the red in the Tesla branding, the lightning bolt symbolizes electricity (electric car, duh) and the website name “Tess Drives” is right under the electric in an eye-catching font for viewers.

Does my content relate to the vision board I have made? I believe it reflects almost exactly what I wanted to portray. I wanted to create a platform showcasing Full Self Driving (Beta) videos on YouTube, educational short clips on TikTok and some blog posts on Tesla related topics, which can all be seen under the Public Posts drop down. My goal in the vision board was to provide some insight from a real life Tesla owner debunking some common Tesla myths from non-owners, showcasing first-hand experience driving a “fully autonomous” vehicle and providing some entertainment while doing so!

Image by Yana Yelina

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