Mini Assignment #2: Batman

I’m Batman… What other superhero would be better fit to talk about epic cars other than me? There is no vehicle that could even rival my Batmobile… what a thing of beauty she was. What is that I hear? My car doesn’t pass emission standards? What kind of crap is that? There is no way I can find an electric car that can produce as much horsepower as my Batmobile.

Or so I thought… until I met Shay over the weekend. He was able to pitch me a replacement vehicle that was comparable to my gas guzzler. I think he said it was called a Model Z? Model E? Model… er… oh right! A Model S Plaid! A whopping 1020 horsepower, 0-60 miles in 1.99 seconds AND has 396 miles of range—for my Canadian friends that is 0-60 kilometers in 2.1 seconds and 637 kilometers of range. Shay said I could custom order one on the website and pick it up in as little as 2-4 weeks, amazing service. I did not hesitate and I custom ordered an all-black Model S Plaid right away.

Shay also mentioned something called Full Self Driving Capability which is a software upgrades of $15,000 USD that enables my car to drive autonomously with my supervision? Hell yeah, I had to include that. A self-driving car? Now THAT is definitely something my Batmobile did not have back in the day and would be extremely useful if it did.

Not only can I look good while I save Gotham from villains, I know I will not be releasing harmful emissions while I floor it down the streets. I’ve attached a photo of my build to this post if you’re curious. All black interior, all black paint, 21-inch arachnid rims, and full self driving capability. Thanks Shay can’t wait to pick up my new ride in the next coming week.

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