Peer Review #1: Kafé Corrective

Peer review conducted on: October 10, 2022 at 3:58pm (due to the fact that all of our Pub 101 websites are a work in progress, the website owner may have updated some content that makes my peer review outdated).

Development of Online Self:

Upon first glance of the website, I get the vibe of a cozy book café where you can buy coffee and baked goods while borrowing a book at their café. Diving deeper into the websites “about” page—my first instinct was pretty close! It looks like Kaia will be talking about her life through “rants” and providing baking recipes to her audience.

I have read all of Kaia’s posts so far and I can confidently say, they truly represent an online version of herself. Notably in her Choco Chip Cookies & Quarantine blog, she talks about her personal experience graduating high school during the peak of the pandemic, carefully describing events readers could resonate with such as describing “technical difficulties, names on black screens and the awful social interaction of trying to speak at the right time during a zoom conversation” during her classes.

If I do want to be picky there are some typos across a few of her posts, specifically in her Cookies and Quarantine blog, her Craig Mod process post and her Creating a Blog post. I have provided exact text from each post: “Post grad most everyone I knew had the same feeling where we were missing the sense of finality and accomplishment that the grandeur of a ceremony bestows upon you,” “In article ‘How I Got My Attention Back’ by Craig Mod,” and “After establishing what feeling what feeling I wanted to instill with the user I began planning certain design aspects to execute this feeling, like brand personality.” These are very minor grammar issues that do not affect the overall flow of the pieces of writing.

Design Elements Thus Far:

It’s great that Kaia has the name and logo of her website in large letters clearly stated at the top, so it is obvious to viewers when they are on the home screen, this is a plus for accessibility!

Some design elements on the home page I would suggest Kaia to work on is to clean up the look of her content on the home page, I like the idea of having featured posts on the top that cycle through her posts, but the posts below kind of look unorganized and are redundant since they already show in the featured posts. Something I also haven’t figured out is right under the featured posts, there’s a mini assignment 2 post that seems out of place. It has a grey background around it drawing my attention to it. Is it your most recent post? Is it highlighted for a particular reason? These are just some questions here to help you figure out why that particular post is in that spot! In terms of the menu bar, it seems like this is still a work in progress because when I click on Pub 101, it just shows one mini assignment, but when I click on Posiel from the content on the home page, it redirects me to all Pub 101 content–I feel like she is in the process of figuring out how to create a sub-menu under Pub 101, so I am not too worried about this and I think she will figure it out in the near future.

If you’re interested, here’s a link to Kaia’s website:

Great job so far Kaia! Looking forward to your rants and recipes in the near future! 🙂

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