Peer Review #3: Stephanie Gorwill (swagfashionblog)

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What works well

Upon landing on the homepage of the website, it was interesting to see that Stephanie chose Weebly to design her website instead of WordPress. I like this ambitious move as it shows that she is courageous enough to step away from the status quo and make her website stand out more.

Stephanie does a really great job setting the scene for her website viewers, she has “Fashion & Lifestyle” in large white text and a Louis Vuitton monogram background as contrast. It is extremely clear what the website will be about just based off a few seconds on the homepage.

I love how minimal her menu bar is and it has only the important tabs needed such as “Home,” “About,” “Public Content,” and “Pub 101” with a drop-down menu for Public Content and Pub 101. It makes it super easy to identify and navigate through the website.

Lastly, on her “About” page, I love how it has a “collage-style” aesthetic showcasing her personal photos, a biography, and her social handles.

What needs some improvement

I noticed on her website she had two buttons that were not linked to pages correctly. The first one being the “read more” button on her homepage and the second one being the “Pub 101” tab on the menu bar. I would suggest her to go back and properly link these pages as it is common for users to expect these to be functional buttons

Although I did like the use of the Louis Vuitton background, I would suggest Stephanie to use a higher quality photo. It is evident that the image has not been optimized for the website and it is quite distracting visually since it is the background for all her pages and content on the website.

Lastly, I would change the logo/website name on the top left corner from Stephanie Gorwill to the actual name of her website (supposedly SwagFashionBlog?) as it is confusing whether the website is a personal blog or a fashion blog.


What works well

Going into her public content, it is great to see that my initial impressions of a fashion blog is carried over to her content, it is exactly what users like me expected.

Stephanie has gone with the approach of choosing fashion items that she has personally purchased and giving her overall review of the item. She does a great job with this by even comparing the items to similar products like she did with her blog post called “The Aritzia Super Puff” where she compared this product to a similar product offered by Canada Goose.

It was also great to see that Stephanie reviewed some products that were unisex such as the Artizia Superpuff and the Nike Mercurial Superfly 6 Elite AG-PRO Fast AF – ‘Total Orange/Black/Volt’ (wow that’s a mouth full! haha).

What needs some improvement

One of the main aspects Stephanie can focus on is perhaps making her blog posts a little longer. I noticed that each blog post was only around 200 words. As a reader who is interested in the content, it was a little disappointing when I reached the end as I had so many questions that Stephanie probably could have addressed if she wrote more!

While this sound knit picky or outright annoying, I did find one typo in Stephanie’s website in her blog post called “Coach Mini Charlie Backpack in Pebble Leather Black” specifically the line “If you’re on the market looking to purchase a mini backpack…” This probably should be changed to “in” rather than “on.”

Marketability to Intended Audience

What works well

As mentioned earlier, I love how the theme of fashion is clearly portrayed to the audience and is consistent across both her design elements and content. As a person who is into both streetwear and luxury goods, it is great that Stephanie does not limit her audience by only producing content to one specific gender or one specific fashion category. This will allow her to gain more traffic on her website.

What needs some improvement

While Stephanie does a great job of listing her social media handles in her “About” page, it would have been nice if she was able to link her profiles to each handle. In addition, it seems like she has given her personal Instagram and Facebook profiles as her Instagram is on private and the Facebook profile requires you to add her as a friend. I believe these should be listed under a “contact us” page rather than the social media handles as these two platforms do not relate to her fashion content.

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