Process Post #5: Peer Review Feedback and Implementation

After reviewing the feedback on my assigned partner’s website (, I was grateful that she pointed out what worked well on my site and what did not work so well. To my surprise, it seems like I have done quite a good job so far. To be honest, I did not really have high hopes for myself at the start of this course where we were learning how to use WordPress—especially with that dreadful start where I could not even get my website working. Nevertheless, I am proud with what I have so far and I am excited to create even more content for my audience.

Let’s briefly talk about what worked well according to my partner’s feedback: modern and minimal design, well-executed organization, and a well-written “about” page.

I’m glad that my partner recognized my modern and minimal website design as I was worried that my website looked too plain compared to the other websites I have viewed in our Pub 101 class. I was aiming for clean lines and a website design that would be suitable to all viewers—not just car enthusiasts. The organization of the pages was the bulk of the hard work that I went through building this website. It took me countless hours to finally perfect the vision that I had in mind where it was natural to click a tab (for example Pub 101) then have all the Pub 101 posts be shown, rather than be forced to hover over Pub 101 and look at either “Process Posts” or “Mini Assignments” separately. Finally, I wanted to keep my “about” page very brief, summarizing both me as the author and the backstory behind my website name. I am super glad this all worked out and I was praised for my choices.

Now, of course the choices I have made thus far are not entirely perfect… here are some of the things that did not work so well on my website: buttons that lead to broken pages, naming scheme on buttons, and an unresponsive YouTube video.

Although it is not a requirement to directly address and fix these imperfections immediately for this class, I skimmed through my partner’s feedback on October 17th and quickly resolved these issues. I did this because the flaws that she mentioned were relatively simple to fix and I did not want to procrastinate and leave them unchanged. I simply linked the buttons to the correct pages, changed the “click here” buttons to “read more” and changed the featured photo on the YouTube post to a static photo to not confuse viewers.

That’s it for me! Just a little update on my progress so far based off the first peer review assignment for Pub 101. Looking forward to the next one that heavily focuses on design elements of my website. Time to polish all my design choices thus far.

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