Process Post #10: Updates to Tess Drives Website

I have made some notable adjustments to my website ahead of both the peer review and second round of feedback from our TA Lauren. I added a recent posts section to my homepage, updated the featured posts section and have done some initial alt text adjustments to the photos across the website.

It took me a while to figure out how to put a recent posts section onto my homepage. Since my homepage runs on Elementor, it was only possible to add in a recent posts section if I had Elementor Pro—which I was definitely not paying for. I could have used some html coding but I have never took a comp-sci course in my life so I was also not going to go down that route. Instead, I was able to add a recent posts section from the WordPress side and that fit the glove perfectly! I was able to display both my public posts and my Pub 101 posts that have dates to clearly show when they were posted. I feel like Lauren would definitely appreciate this when she’s grading my work…

For my featured posts page, I looked to Lauren’s feedback from round one and she told me it would be nice to have the titles of the posts under the featured posts photos. Initially, I did it that way because I was struggling to add text under the images, but through some careful trial and error, I was able to figure it out! And I have to say, it looks much clearer now as to which image belongs to which Tess Drives post. I also updated the three posts to reflect more current posts that my viewers may be interested in. The difference between recent posts and featured posts is that the recent posts are chronologically ordered from oldest to newest and featured posts are random posts to catch the attention of readers.

Last but not least, I had some free time to add some alt text to most of my images on my website. It was a pretty simple process, I just had to go into WordPress and go to my media library and individually choose the photos to add alt text. I found it odd that on the public facing side of things, you can’t actually view the alt text without using the “inspect” function. I guess I was expecting something similar to Twitter’s alt text where you can click into the “ALT” badge and view the alt text from there. I like this touch, I am going to see if there’s a plugin I can install to my website to have alt text show like that.

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