Process Post #8: Peer Review 2 Feedback and Implementation

This week, I focussed on reviewing and implementing the feedback I received on my website. For this peer review, it was all about design elements. The premise was the same as the first peer review, where I was assigned a partner and we both critiqued each other’s websites. My assigned partner was Kobe, you can check out his website here! I’ll be starting off with what Kobe thought I did well, and what are some of the things that needed reiteration. I’ll be honest with you, for all of the recommendations he gave me, I was unable to find a solution or implement them into my website (…yet). I’ll explain why below.

For the elements that worked, Kobe thought I did a great job with my home page, my website logo, accessibility options, typography, colour and my contact us page.

It was rewarding that he recognized small design elements like my logo and animations on my homepage. Although these were small design choices I made, it seemed like it made an impression on him. In terms of accessibility, typography and colour, I am relieved that he enjoyed my choices. He did include some suggestions here to incorporate some more red into my website. I tried to refrain from using all red colours and instead, I utilized a subset of other colours to contrast the red. Perhaps I could change the menu colour to red? I’ll play around with the options and take Kobe’s advice of implementing more colour to my pages and posts.

In terms of improvement, Kobe suggested that I should align my posts, add personalization to images, increase the number of Tesla posts, and to add more Tesla categories to my website.

I’ve googled around to see how to align my posts to the centre of the page, but I have yet to find any success, I think I will have to reach out to Kobe himself and ask how he aligned the posts since he was successful with this and he also utilized the Astra theme.

For personalizing images, I actually did use personal thumbnails from my YouTube channel as the featured photos on my YouTube posts, but I received some feedback from others that the thumbnail looked like the video itself and confused viewers. I do get where Kobe is coming from though and will be implementing more personalized photos on my posts in the future.

Regarding increasing more Tesla posts, I have planned many Tesla posts beforehand that I will be released in the future, so stay tuned! I don’t want to post more than one post a week as it does not line up with the Pub 101 agenda that requires one public post a week—I might run out of things to post for specific weeks!

Last but not least, Kobe recommended me to add more Tesla categories to the menu bar. I definitely agree with this, I was thinking of some menu items like “Tesla News,” “Tesla Tutorials,” and/or a “FAQ” page. As I start to post more, I will keep this in mind when I categorized my content.

All in all, I am grateful for all the recommendations Kobe has provided to me on my website. Although I was not able to implement anything at this point in time, I definitely have taken notes of what I need to do in the future to further develop the design of TessDrives.

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