Process Post #4: Website Audience

The audience I imagine resonating with the content I have created are those who are interested in cars, technology and/or the environment. The ideal person would be interested in one or all three of the aspects I have listed. You will notice that most of the language I use is professional and conversational language that you would expect to hear if you just met me for the first time. Nothing too formal but also not me cracking witty jokes all the timeā€”just me trying to be myself while trying to entertain my audience!

In terms of the design and the decisions I have made thus far, I wanted the design of my website to be modern and easy to navigate. You will find many photos of different Teslas, featured photos that relate to my process posts and even some personal photos of me with my Tesla! I will ensure that all elements of my website are gender neutral as cars, technology and the environment does not attract only one type of person.

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